Month: February 2020


While visitors are expected to bring their own essentials like sunscreen, they are also encouraged to bring insect repellents or virgin coconut oil/baby oil due to the presence of “niknik” or sand flies in some of the beaches, particularly in Long Beach.

Saving Mother Earth

All residents and tourists are asked to be responsible with their own garbage, particularly plastics. Tourists are also encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles to minimize the use of plastic bottles.

Environmental Card

Tourists are to help maintain the environment of San Vicente by paying the Eco-tourism fee. The fee for the Eco-card is deeply appreciated for helping the government preserve nature. These Eco-cards are released by the local government unit through the Office of Municipal Tourism.


The internet connection in the area is decent in the town proper as well as in the beaches. There are several internet shops in the town proper, as well as Alimanguan and Port Barton proper.


For communications, cellphones and sim cards from Smart, Glove, TNT, TM, and Sun Cellular are used by both locals and tourists. Like the electricity situation, there are particular areas in the municipality that do not have signals.


There is 24/7 electricity in Barangays Poblacion, Port Barton Proper, San Isidro, New Agutaya, Alimanguan, and Sto. Nino provided by the Palawan Electric Company (PALECO). The remaining five barangays, as well as the islands, have yet to have electricity and therefore rely on power generators.

Economic Activities

The main livelihood of the community are fishing and farming. Due to the development of tourism in the municipality, more residents have started to open businesses and services that cater to tourists.


There are Automated Teller Machines (ATM) found in the Municipal Economic Enterprise and Development Office (MEEDO) and at Barangay Port Barton’s White House. Visitors are advised to bring enough cash to avoid inconvenience due to the limited number of ATMs.

Brgy. Binga

Barangay Binga is the municipality’s “Secret Haven”. The bird sanctuary as well as Lapus-Lapos rock formation are found here as well as some white sand beaches, waterfalls, forests, and islands.

Brgy. Alimanguan

Barangay Alimanguan is the municipality’s “Surfing Paradise”. The barangay also shares in the Long Beach and is home to Tandol, View Point, and some waterfalls.

Brgy. Kemdeng

Barangay Kemdeng is home to the province’s Indigenous Peoples. The Barangay is home to the Carabao Breeding Center as well as some waterfalls, beaches, forests, and rivers.

Brgy. New Agutaya

Barangay New Agutaya, on the other hand, is known as “The Home of the Champions”. This barangay’s attractions include the Long Beach, mangrove forests, waterfalls, and the Inandeng River.

Brgy. Poblacion

Labeled the “Center of Commerce, Governance, and Education” is Barangay Poblacion. Barangay Poblacion is home to attractions such as the Long Beach, fishing village, PAMANA (Agricultural Site), and the Balangay Sultan Sin Sulu, the National Boat of the Philippines.