Category: Barangay

Brgy. Binga

Barangay Binga is the municipality’s “Secret Haven”. The bird sanctuary as well as Lapus-Lapos rock formation are found here as well as some white sand beaches, waterfalls, forests, and islands.

Brgy. Alimanguan

Barangay Alimanguan is the municipality’s “Surfing Paradise”. The barangay also shares in the Long Beach and is home to Tandol, View Point, and some waterfalls.

Brgy. Kemdeng

Barangay Kemdeng is home to the province’s Indigenous Peoples. The Barangay is home to the Carabao Breeding Center as well as some waterfalls, beaches, forests, and rivers.

Brgy. New Agutaya

Barangay New Agutaya, on the other hand, is known as “The Home of the Champions”. This barangay’s attractions include the Long Beach, mangrove forests, waterfalls, and the Inandeng River.

Brgy. Poblacion

Labeled the “Center of Commerce, Governance, and Education” is Barangay Poblacion. Barangay Poblacion is home to attractions such as the Long Beach, fishing village, PAMANA (Agricultural Site), and the Balangay Sultan Sin Sulu, the National Boat of the Philippines.