Must See

The Long Beach is the most popular tourist destination in San Vicente. It is the longest white sand beach in the Philippines as well as second in Asia, stretching about 14.7 kilometers.
The Port Barton islands are also a great draw for tourists because of their pristine waters and white sand beaches. The more popular ones are Inaladelan, Exotic, Double, Paradise, Maxima/Albaguen, Tandan, and Boayan islands.
The Turtle Sanctuary also draws tourists due to the fact that it allows them to swim with the turtles.
The rich coral reefs in the municipality of San Vicente are home to large corals, a variety of fish and other marine life. The most popular ones are Twin Reef, Wide Reef, and Fantastic Reef.
The town is also home to beautiful sandbars with stunning views of the beaches that are seen around the Naked Sandbar and Capsalay Sandbar.
There are also mangrove forests in the municipality of San Vicente, particularly Tugdunan and Decala that are home to venturan snakes, monitor lizards, and other species that complement the natural beauty of the town.
Due to being relatively untouched as a town, San Vicente still has beautiful, lush forests.
San Vicente’s waterfalls are mostly found within the thick forests. The Pamuayan and Bigaho waterfalls in particular are mystical spots that epitomize the natural beauty of the town.
The town is home to an organic farm that provides cheaper fruits and vegetables for the community, as well as educating them about farming and backyard gardening.
Bato ni Ningning is an overlooking vista that allows tourists a great view of the beaches, islands, and forests.

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