San Vicente Palawan

The municipality of San Vicente is a masterplanned municipality and is also one of the pilot Eco-towns. The municipality of San Vicente is the first Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) classified by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA).

Being a TEZ, a tourism master plan was created to form a comprehensive plan to develop and market the town into one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

The municipality of San Vicente is also the pilot Eco-town for the Climate Change Commission, with the commission aiming to improve the town’s resiliency of the community and its ecosystems against the impact of climate change.

The municipality has a rich biodiversity index. It has approximately 334 kilometers of white sand beaches and the country’s thickest forest cover at about 86%. Due to this, it is crucial for the communities and their visitors to help protect the natural wealth of San Vicente.
The Long Beach in the municipality of San Vicente is the longest contiguous white sand beach in the country.

Because of the tourism master plan, the town strives to do their tourism right by keeping their focus on building inclusive and sustainable development.